The History of Philosophy Society

The History of Philosophy Society (HOPS) was established to support and encourage scholarship on the history of philosophy from diverse perspectives. We welcome the richness of multiple approaches to the history of philosophy, as well as various traditions (Africana, American, Asian, Caribbean, European, Latin American, etc.). HOPS provides a forum for various interpretive methods, including, but not limited to, analytical, deconstructive, feminist, hermeneutic, phenomenological, and pragmatist interpretations of texts and philosophers from antiquity through the 19th Century.


The History of Philosophy Society will present a panel at SPEP on Thursday, October 31 from 9am to 12pm. The theme of the panel is “Dialectical Parallelisms: Plato, Hegel, Douglass, Malcolm X, and Newton” and will feature: Biko Mandela Gray, Syracuse University: “Conking Hegel: Malcolm X, Unhappy Consciousness, and the Dynamics of Racial Self-Mortification” Ryan […]